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Porcelain VeneersThe Ultimate Choice for Complete Smile Transformations

Many patients are discovering the incredible benefits of porcelain dental veneers. Porcelain veneers can correct chipped, cracked, worn and discolored teeth or repair the damage from a physical trauma. The translucent nature of porcelain offers a very natural look. With cosmetic dentistry, the results can be simply astonishing! Boca Raton cosmetic dentist Ronald E. Hawk, DDS offers all brands of porcelain veneers, including Lumineers, MAC, DaVinci, Emax, Cerec, Durathins, Empress and others.

An Artist's Touch is the Key to Outstanding Results

It is in the medium of porcelain veneers where Dr. Hawk's artistic expertise truly shines. With over 2,000 hours of training in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Hawk can transform your smile into a true work of art. Bring in a picture of what you would like your teeth to look like and he will recreate it, while taking into consideration your unique facial features and mouth structure. Every set of porcelain veneers is custom designed for optimal results. Dr. Hawk's ultimate goal is to give you a gorgeous smile that will last for many years, without compromising function or comfort. The perfect set of veneers is never complete until you give your final approval. See before and after photos of Dr. Hawk's patients with porcelain veneers.

Our porcelain veneers come with an incredible 10 year warranty!

How Porcelain Veneers Work

A porcelain laminate is bonded directly to the tooth to restore lost tooth structure and improve its appearance. Veneers are typically made of porcelain and are as thin as a contact lens, yet very durable. Veneer procedures typically require two appointments.

Veneers Are the Ideal Solution for Many Cosmetic Issues

Porcelain veneers can correct the look of poorly shaped, damaged, worn or slightly crooked teeth. They can be used to lighten teeth that are naturally yellow or have a grayish hue from root canal treatment, tetracycline stains, excessive fluoride, or a large resin filling. Often, gray discolorations do not respond to whitening treatments, making veneers the best option for those patients desiring a bright, white smile. Veneers may also be used to address uneven spacing between teeth, or to correct a diastema, which is a large, noticeable gap between the upper front teeth.

Porcelain Veneers - Before Porcelain Veneers - After
Porcelain Veneers - Before Porcelain Veneers - After

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

  • The luminosity of porcelain creates a natural tooth appearance
  • Gum tissue tolerates porcelain well
  • Porcelain veneers are stain resistant
  • The color of a porcelain veneer can be selected so it makes dark teeth appear whiter

There are numerous types of veneers, including Lumineers, MAC, DaVinci, Emax, Cerec, Durathins, Empress and others. Our lab makes all major brands of porcelain veneers. It is important to know that one particular brand may or may not be your best choice. There is no single brand of veneers that addresses all cosmetic concerns. Dr. Hawk is well versed in each brand's unique characteristics and can recommend the brand that is best suited for your individual needs.

Preparing the Teeth for Veneers

To prepare the teeth for veneers, Dr. Hawk removes a small amount of enamel from the front and sides of each tooth. This creates room for the veneers and prevents the restored teeth from feeling or looking bulky or unnatural. Next, Dr. Hawk will make an impression of the prepared teeth so that the shape of the preparations and surrounding teeth can be replicated in the dental laboratory. You and Dr. Hawk will agree on a shade (color). The impressions are then sent to the dental laboratory, which will custom make the veneers to fit your individual teeth. This normally takes a few days. If necessary, Dr. Hawk will apply temporary veneers.

Applying the Veneers

On the following visit, Dr. Hawk places the veneers on the teeth to check the fit and shape. After any minor adjustments, the teeth are cleaned and the veneers are bonded to the teeth with dental cement. Then it is time to see your beautiful new smile in the mirror!

Patients should avoid biting pencils, ice, fingernails or hard surfaces, since the veneers are thin and these activities may cause the veneers to chip or break. Of course, regular dental visits are a must for maintaining healthy teeth.


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