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Information for PatientsAnswers to Frequently Asked Questions About Office Policies, Forms, Insurance, Financing and More

Covid 19 Information

Please read our Welcome Back Letter for the latest on how we are keeping our office safe for our patients during the era of COVID-19.

Patient Forms and Documents

For your review, our patient forms, HIPAA notice of privacy practices and related documents are available below in PDF format. Please complete the patient information form prior to your first appointment. If needed, you can download Adobe Reader here for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage our patients to ask a lot of questions, and we're always glad when they do. We've listed below some of the questions that we most frequently receive, as well as brief answers to them. We hope they'll help you get to know us and the treatments we offer. Please contact us if you'd like more information.

  • Do you accept my insurance plan?

    As a complimentary service to you, we are happy to send all documentation to your indemnity or PPO dental insurance company. You will receive reimbursement directly from your insurance company, within 2-3 weeks after your visit at the appropriate rate. HMO insurance are closed panels and will not reimburse out of their network. In order to help you understand your dental benefits and coverage on all procedures, we will also call your insurance company to receive a breakdown of benefits or send in a pre-estimate for your recommended treatment. We are here to assist you!

  • What makes you different from any other dental practice I can visit?

    When you become a patient of our practice, we get to know you as an individual. Since our goal is to help you obtain and then maintain the best possible oral health, we take time to understand your dental history, assess your current dental health status, and think through the best options for your particular needs. We also make sure we equip you with the information you need to make wise and healthy choices for your own long-term dental health. We want to assist you in achieving great dental health and a knock-out smile! Additionally, we believe that our cosmetic restorations are exceptional and back that belief with a 10 YEAR warranty on crowns, bridges and veneers.

  • How can I have whiter teeth?

    There are a number of procedures available to help whiten your smile. Sometimes, our in-office bleaching process will provide the change desired. In other cases, porcelain veneers offer a more effective solution. Dr. Hawk can help evaluate your potential for whitening process, you'll find that our meticulously fit custom trays and expertly applied gel produce excellent results in often just a few short sessions. Typically, this process results in teeth approximately 2 shades brighter on the dental chart. If you opt for veneer application, you'll simply need a couple of appointments at our office.

  • How do I know when it's time to come in for a check up?

    On average, healthy adult person typically benefits from a professional cleaning and check up every six months. However, it's tough to generalize because every mouth is different. Some people are prone to gum disease, bruxism, or other ongoing oral health concerns that require more frequent visits; others simply need a routine professional tartar removal at regular intervals. That's why we're so careful to check methodically and determine what kind of ongoing professional treatment will achieve your optimum dental health.

  • What if I need to cancel an appointment?

    In order to maintain a well-run office, we appreciate as much notice as possible for appointment cancellations. This enables us to work on other patients who need to be seen. A minimum of 24 hours notice is requested, otherwise a fee will be assessed.

  • Will you remind me of my appointment?

    We understand how busy you are and that a friendly reminder can be helpful. So yes, our standard practice is to confirm your appointment.

  • What is a Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation?

    Our goal is to provide you with confidence that we are going to listen and communicate with you about your individual wants and needs. We have incorporated several tools to make understanding your choices easier, allow you to visualize your outcome, and help you find a way to make your dreams come true. At your consultation, we will take diagnostic photos for you and Dr. Hawk to evaluate; show you a portfolio of smiles transformed by Dr. Hawk; educate you with a DVD on specific procedures and make sure you have been properly informed; and fabricate lab mock ups to use as a guide throughout your treatment. Transforming your smile can literally be a life changing event!

  • What is Stress-Free Dentistry?

    We create a level of comfort for each of your dental experiences. Many advancements in pharmaceuticals allow your appointment to be stress-free and relaxing. Additionally, our office offers nitrous oxide and personalized headphones during dental treatment. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your visit more comfortable.

  • Do you accept referrals? What is Care to Share?

    Many of our patients invite their family and friends to join our practice. The referrals we receive are the best compliment, and we strive to make your visit enjoyable so that you, too, will feel inclined to recommend our practice to your family and friends. Ask about our Care to Share referral rewards program during your next visit, or contact us for more details.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    For your convenience, we accept cash, checks and Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

  • Do you offer financing?

    We offer different financing options to help you complete your necessary and elective dental work.

    Third-party financing is available through CareCredit. These do not create a conflict for you if you have dental insurance; they are totally independent of our office and Dr. Hawk.

    CareCredit is a financing company that offers convenient monthly payment plans. You can apply for CareCredit in our office, by phone at (800) 365-8295, or online at and receive notification immediately of how much you are approved for. CareCredit allows you to choose the number of months you need to stretch out your monthly payments. You can use your CareCredit financing as many times as needed, use it for family members, keep track of your available balance, and contact customer support with any questions or concerns.

    For patients who prefer not to use CareCredit, we offer some in-house financing. With us, you are able to make affordable monthly payments either by check or automatically by credit card, and choose the date your monthly payment is due. We are committed to serving all your needs and will work with you in order to help you achieve the results you desire!

  • Do you have patient forms I can fill out ahead of my visit?

    Yes, we have our forms in PDF format so that you can easily open and print them. See the next section below.